Surface treatment

Durable and environmentally smart surface treatment

Proper surface treatment is important for both appearance, function and durability. We want the products manufactured by us to last a long time, as a really long service life is a good choice for the environment. Through our local partners, we can offer both powder-coated and chromed products.

For us, it is obvious to cooperate with local subcontractors when it comes to surface treatment. This is a bit how we think here in Småland: why should you cross the river for water, when we also reduce unnecessary transport and know that the quality delivered is one hundred percent.

Our chromed products can be Nordic Ecolabelled because the processes only contain trivalent chromium (3+) and the surface treatment is carried out in a sewage-free plant where all process water is purified and recycled.

The powder coating is done in closed systems with eco-labeled products where everything is organically degradable. Unlike wet paints, powder paints do not contain environmentally hazardous solvents and the sprayed powder paint can be reused. The ovens are heated with biogas and the heat is reused to heat the premises.

This is how we think about surface treatment. Sustainable and environmentally smart all the way.