Wire bending

Wire bending in the heart of Småland

A large part of the details and products that take shape here at Steelnova consist of bent wire. Wire bending is basically a craft with ancient origins. Here in the heart of Småland, drawing iron wire has a long history and for many manufacturing industries, not least in the furniture industry, wire plays a decisive role, both as a visible detail and as a hidden component. It is about wire of different material types and in different dimensions that are shaped into unique details, often as part of a composite product. Here at us, wire bending is carried out in a modern and automated production.

Standard wire bending tool provides quick start

Wire bending can be done with standard tools which provide a quick start and low initial cost. The wire is fed forward in stages through a split die to be bent in the standard tool that controls the bending diameter. The rotating bending tool bends the wire around the pad. The wire is then fed to the next bending position. Because the bending center rotates around the axis of the wire, bending is possible in all directions. By feeding the wire towards an angled tool, larger radii can be created. The finished detail is then cut off when the wire is finished bending.

Modular tools for optimal productivity

Wire bending can also be done with modular tools, specially adapted for optimal productivity, which can be suitable for larger series or demanding tolerances. The wire is fed forward into the center die where a number of independent tool holders are alternately pushed into the die to process the wire. The tools can be a combination of standard tools and custom-made modular tools. However, special tools for wire bending mean a higher initial cost.

Wire bending in several different materials

Here at Steelnova, we bend your wire details in our CNC-controlled wire bending machine from Numalliance, leading global supplier of CNC-controlled high-precision machines in wire bending. Reliability, versatility and precision are essential when we deliver our details such as armchair bases and side chairs to our customers in the furniture industry. With our wire bending machine from Numalliance, we can process wire in dimensions from 4-14 mm in several different materials with complex and precise shaping.